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A picture is worth a thousand words


I recently discovered this beautiful illustration Saudade by Portuguese Illustrator and Visual Artist Fatinha Ramos.

Fatinha describes Saudade as “The only Portuguese word without translation. It´s the feeling of missing someone so hard, that the pain goes deep into the soul. Saudade is a deep sadness and emptiness , a void that can only be filled with memories.”


If Not Now…When?

“If you wait for the weather, you’ll wait forever”

My Grandad Paddy

What’s preventing you from embracing your fabulous life right this moment?

What are you waiting for? Maybe it’s Mr. Right? Smaller thighs? Inner poise? Or having amazing sun-dappled layers a la Jennifer Aniston?

Are you waiting for what you perceive to be the perfect situation to present itself? For the stars to align? For your ducks to be sitting in an ooh so pretty, and very neat looking row?

Well, I hate to disappoint you, but while you’re dreaming of the day when you wake up, click your fingers and the Disney perfect scene of helpful forest animals… You know the one where the rabbits, squirrels and chirping bluebirds appear – Snow White style? Life is passing you by!

Yes I’ll admit it took me almost a year to light a Jo Malone candle and I went batshit crazy when The Husband used one of the accompanying, and somewhat beautiful matches. Even going as far as naming and shaming him on Facebook (Oops).

So, it’s time to wear your best frock, post your CV, put yourself forward for that promotion and actually use the expensive bath oil that you were given for Christmas, (you know the one you save for special occasions).

Become the most fabulous version of you… Don’t wait for a special occasion, life is the special occasion x


Affirmation Angela

BeFunky Collage

BeFunky Collage

I love these!

Such a fabulous way to display your affirmations.

Choose from one of the messages included;

 I love Me, Let it Go, Make It Happen, Be Who You Are, I Follow My Dreams, I Can Do It, This Is My Lucky Day and Today Will Be OK.

Or create your own…

I Am Fabulous, I Am Enough & I Am Rocking This! x

Affirmation Angela is created by the super talented illustrator Nelleke Verhoeff

Find her…

In the Red Cheeks Factory shop:

And also on Etsy:


The River Crossing


Two monks were walking along the banks of a river. They saw a young woman who was afraid to cross.

Although the monks had taken vows never to touch a woman, the older monk picked her up and carried her to the other side of the river.

The younger monk was angry about it all day. The two didn’t speak until sunset, when they were allowed to break their vow of silence.

Then the angry younger monk accused the older monk of polluting not only himself but also the whole order.

The older monk simply answered,

“I put the woman down on the other side of the river early this morning. It is only you who have been carrying her around throughout the day.”

What are you carrying?


What Would Madonna Do?

2014-05-28 13.14.11(crop)

Copyright Zoe McCarthy



“Always be a first rate version of you, and not a second rate version of someone else”
Judy Garland

I absolutely agree with Ms Garland… although, there is fabulous fun and learning to be had from playing;

What Would (insert someone you admire) Do?

Whether it’s the Queen of Pop, the captivating and incredibly inspiring Diane von Furstenberg or the ever elegant Audrey Hepburn. Choose someone you admire, someone who inspires you, empowers you, someone who resonates with who you really are in this world. And if they come with an amazing soundtrack like The Immaculate Collection… even better!

So, if Madonna were to possess you, what would she decide to do? How would she deal with the situation? For example and God forbid, that you slip up during a presentation, or when collecting your Glamour Woman of the Year Award. As you lie sprawled on the floor humiliated, distraught with legs akimbo. Think! “What Would Madonna Do?” (#WWMD)

Well get back up and carry on of course, with her head held even higher than before! As demonstrated during the Armani cape malfunction at the Brit Awards 2015.

This can be adapted from situation to situation, different situation, different role model. When it comes to anything that requires ‘balls’ Samantha Jones (Sex and the City) is your go to woman!

This is a fantastic game which allows you to experience a different perspective from which you can learn and develop.

Channel Your Inner

(again… insert someone you admire)

Who wouldn’t want some of Grace Kelly’s poise? Scarlett O’Hara’s steely resolve? Or Rosa Parks passion and determination? Emulate the qualities and characteristics that you love and respect in the people around you, friends, colleagues, family, legendary stars of the silver screen or whoever?!

Fake It Till You Make It!

For some, this has an all fur coat and no knickers connotation! Whereas I like to think of it more as sticking on false eyelashes or getting a spray tan… it’s still YOU underneath, being your fabulous self. You’re just practising with a temporary confidence booster until the desired behaviour becomes completely natural!

Become the most fabulous version of you… try the force of nature and let’s be honest The Ultimate Diva that is Miss Piggy (I take no responsibility for any air flying karate chops Hi-yah!) x

Who will you try first? 


Get Carried Away…




“Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”

Carrie Bradshaw

So in true Carrie Bradshaw style, I couldn’t help but wonder…

How do you improve the relationship you have with yourself and become the most fabulous version of you?