Love, Lulu and Lipstick!

A few years ago I met fashion designer Lulu Guinness… who I love, and I mean really love!

We got chatting (which sounds wonderfully casual). In reality I was having a champagne fuelled, full on – fangirl moment (the bubbles were free!).

We talked about work, and I told her all about Mascara for the Mind, and how I was helping women improve the relationship they had with themselves, in a fun and solution focused way (I’m all about one off coaching sessions) .

I was writing a book at the time, and the strap-line was ‘Sometimes all you need is a sweep of mascara and you’re ready to face the day, and a dip into my book will have the same effect on your mind.’

Lulu loved the idea (Eek!) and agreed to give me a quote, so I asked her, ” What top tip would you give to women wanting to become the best version of themselves?”

Lulu replied,  “Well a little lipstick never hurt…”

So today, when my back is breaking (slipped disc from years ago) and with my grumpy pants on (again). I climbed/dragged myself out of bed and applied my reddest, most glamorous lipstick (teamed with jarmies) to sit and write this post.

Sometimes I forget that it’s the smallest actions that can make the biggest difference.

Love Zoe x



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