Zoe Asks – Suzy Walker

“What top tip would you give to women wanting to become the best version of themselves?”

“Write in a journal every day.
I’ve written a diary on and off since I was a child but when I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron 10 years ago, I was re-inspired. A book all about unleashing your creativity. One of the main tools of the 12 week ‘course’ is 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing first thing in the morning.
It’s a habit that I’ve continued to this day. I think of it as free therapy. It allows you to vent, thrash out how you really feel about something before you start to find solutions or new ways to think about it.
I’ve plotted goals, novels, let go of heartbreak and written first drafts of resignation letters in my daily rants. It’s like a meditation practice for me now.
It allows me to see all the stories I tell myself, which then allows me to question whether I want to believe them anymore. But you get to stand back and be the observer. Writing in my journal helps me to see the bigger picture.
Whenever I’m not sure about what to do next, I ‘write it out’ and see what comes up. I’ve got to meet my grumpiest and wisest self on the page – which helps with the whole self acceptance thing too.”

Suzy Walker

Editor at Psychologies Magazine

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