There Are Two Frogs…

One is hopping along the bottom of a deep rut made by a tractor. The other sees him down there and shouts,

“Hey! What are you doing down there? It’s much better up here, there is more food.”

The other frog looks up. “I can’t get out.”

“Let me help you.” says the other frog.

“No leave me alone, I’m okay. There is plenty of food down here for me.”

“Okay”, says the second frog. “But there is much more space up here to explore and move around.”

“I’ve got all the space I need down here.”

“But what about meeting other frogs?”

“They come down here sometimes, otherwise I can shout to my friends up there.”

The second frog heaves a sigh and hops off.

The next day, he is surprised to see the first frog hopping along next to him.

“Hey!” he shouts “I thought you were staying in your rut. What happened?”

“There was a truck coming.”

What are you waiting for?

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