Let It Go

An exercise to help you let go of negative emotions.

Become aware of any negative emotions you might be feeling, be they worry, anger or guilt, and begin to get a sense of those emotions in every cell of your body.

Now start to imagine that you are blowing up a balloon, and with each breath into the balloon you release those negative emotions, and with each deep breath out you see the balloon growing bigger and bigger.

Each deep breath out, removing the negative emotion from within you, and the following deep breath in, allows calm to be restored within you.

Just breathing into the balloon, filling it so full, it’s almost about to burst. The fuller it becomes the calmer you feel.

Tie a knot now in the balloon and let it go.

Watch as it gets sucked into the atmosphere, flying high above you, watch until you see it suddenly pop!

All that anxiety and worry is dispersed into the atmosphere, now just tiny fragments, lost in such a vast open space.



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