• There. Is. No. Race.

    That finishing line is invisible. It’s just a figment of your imagination, so stop trying to reach it before the others. We’re here for five minutes; enjoy the view.   Claudia Winkleman  Quite – love, life and eyeliner.

  • Break In Case of Emergency!

    Know your break-in-case-of-emergency joy. The thing that is guaranteed to lift you up, even if a little, when you are experiencing serious gloom. Is it bingeing on Seinfeld or Sex and the City? Baking a red velvet cake? Rereading The Secret Garden? Spending a day in bed cuddling your dog? Bouts of sadness are part of life, but sure-fire happiness’s help us get through them.   Kerrie Hess – Joy In The Little Things You’ll find me curled up under a blanket with a copy of Kerrie’s book and a packet of Colin the Caterpillars! What’s your break-in-case-of-emergency joy? Become the woman you most want to be with a single…

  • Happy Valentine’s Day

    Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. With a 60 minute coaching session all about YOU! (It’s like a makeover for your mind). £30 Book your appointment here zoe@mascaraforthemind.co.uk “Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, and those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself…” Carrie Bradshaw

  • Imperfection

    The key to taking a leap and doing something that’s beyond your comfort zone is to have the willingness to be imperfect. Gabby Bernstein

  • The Storm Will End

    For the person that needs to see this today. Your heart will heal, your tears will dry and your season will change. Rest tonight knowing the storm will end. Unknown

  • Life Happens

    You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go a little and just let life happen.   Kody Keplinger