• April

    This month I do some mirror work to remind myself that I am worthy of my own love and self-acceptance. Every day I look in the mirror and affirm: I deserve to be prosperous. I deserve joy. I deserve love. I deserve all good. I am a magnificent being. And I watch the results manifest in wonderful ways. Louise Hay

  • Playtime

    You’re playing when you lose yourself in what you are doing, forgetting yourself and forgetting time for a moment. You’re not playing for a reward; the game itself is the reward. It’s so much fun that you want to do it over and over again. Stuart Brown Play: How it shapes the brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the soul Playing is not just for kids! Playing improves brain function, relieves stress, boosts creativity, stimulates your mind and your imagination! As well as improving your relationship with yourself and others. So… are you playing out?

  • Zoe Asks – Nicky Hambleton-Jones

    I asked “What top tip would you give to women, wanting to become the best version of themselves?”  “Never leave the house without lipstick. I wear red lipstick every day, rain or shine, no matter whether I’m on the school run or the red carpet. It immediately makes me feel glamorous and confident to show my face to the world, even if I don’t have any other make-up on. Make the effort to dress your lips and your smile will do the rest!” Nicky Hambleton-Jones – The Makeover Queen  TV Presenter and Celebrity Stylist. www.nhjstyle.com

  • It’s Wear A Hat Day

      A hat is a positive symbol. A good hat is the ultimate glamour accessory. A hat can completely change the personality of the wearer, make them stand differently and walk differently. A hat can make that person feel interesting.   People think sometimes that people who wear hats want to show off. But human beings, since the beginning of time, have always wanted to embellish themselves. So hats have been around since the year dot. It’s a human thing to want to dress every part. Hats are meant to be for everyone.   It’s a very potent part of the body to decorate because, when you meet people for…

  • National Reflection Day

    Marie Curie are inviting people to take a moment to reflect on the last year, and remember those who’ve lost their lives. At 8pm we’ll hold a minute’s silence and come together to light up the night. Stand outside with a light – a candle, a torch, even your phone – to remember someone who’s died and show your support to people going through a bereavement. Alternatively you can shine a light in your window for everyone to see. Marie Curie  Care and Support Through Terminal Illness.