• The Snow Globe

    If you ever feel anxious or stressed in the middle of a crowd, or even in a small group of people, imagine you are in a snow globe. There is a sphere of protection all around you and inside snow is gently falling. You can see what is happening outside, but the noise is muffled and you can rest in stillness as the Christmas whirlwind spins. Practice mindfulness in the midst of the rush. Focus on the specific sensory details of your immediate environment – the feel of a cup in your hand, the temperature of the air – and allow the dome of the snow globe to insulate you…

  • Keep Your Routines

    Many of our routines go out of the window around Christmas time, but it’s crucial to maintain the most important ones. For me, that means stretching, eating a good breakfast, writing in my journal, reading with my little ones, watering the house plants and sipping camomile tea before bed. Routines help to keep children grounded and give you a sense of stability throughout the day.   Beth Kempton Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year