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If Not Now…When?

“If you wait for the weather, you’ll wait forever”

My Grandad Paddy

What’s preventing you from embracing your fabulous life right this moment?

What are you waiting for? Maybe it’s Mr. Right? Smaller thighs? Inner poise? Or having amazing sun-dappled layers a la Jennifer Aniston?

Are you waiting for what you perceive to be the perfect situation to present itself? For the stars to align? For your ducks to be sitting in an ooh so pretty, and very neat looking row?

Well, I hate to disappoint you, but while you’re dreaming of the day when you wake up, click your fingers and the Disney perfect scene of helpful forest animals… You know the one where the rabbits, squirrels and chirping bluebirds appear – Snow White style? Life is passing you by!

Yes I’ll admit it took me almost a year to light a Jo Malone candle and I went batshit crazy when The Husband used one of the accompanying, and somewhat beautiful matches. Even going as far as naming and shaming him on Facebook (Oops).

So, it’s time to wear your best frock, post your CV, put yourself forward for that promotion and actually use the expensive bath oil that you were given for Christmas, (you know the one you save for special occasions).

Become the most fabulous version of you… Don’t wait for a special occasion, life is the special occasion x