Always Wear Your Invisible Crown

“If you are presenting yourself with confidence you can pull off pretty much anything”

Katy Perry

Wear metaphorically whatever represents confidence to you.

It could be real (Admit it, you already own a pair of lucky pants!) You know the pair you wear for job interviews, presentations… first dates?!

Although it doesn’t have to be something real, you can just use your imagination to create a talisman that helps you walk a little taller and shine a little brighter.

May I suggest a pair of Christian Louboutin patent-leather Mary Jane’s? A Hermès scarf to reveal the Miranda Priestley within you! (Devil Wears Prada) Or sparkly red sequined pumps in manner of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

Simple, fun and perfect for the days when you wake up devoid of any confidence… hey, it happens to us all.

Become the best version of you…give yourself a wink in the mirror, a quick nod to your fabulous self and you’ll be ready to just rock up and be yourself!


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