• Life

    I no longer allow people to cause chaos within my life. I learned that I am deserving of peace. That I do not have to ask for love. I learned that I am allowed to choose who I want around me, and who I never want near me. This life is the only thing that is truly mine, and I refuse to feel guilty for wanting tranquillity. Dru Anthony

  • Hello May

    New Month New Beginning New Mindset New Focus New Start New intentions New Results Need help gaining clarity or improving the relationship you have with yourself? Contact me zoe@mascaraforthemind.co.uk

  • National Walking Week

    Walking is good for our minds, our bodies and our neighbourhoods and has been a lifeline during the past year. Helping people stay active and connected. That’s why we want everyone to keep going and pledge to #WalkThisMay! https://www.livingstreets.org.uk/get-involved/campaign-with-us/national-walking-month

  • Zoe Asks – Sarah Stacey

    I asked “What top tip would you give to women, wanting to become the best version of themselves?”  “Practising mindfulness – the art of living in the flow of the moment – is definitely the key for me. It stops the waves crashing round my head. Even on a stressed day I can let go of problems, troubles, issues that I would otherwise be fretting about. One expert told me to start by focussing on the tip of my nose then follow the pattern of my breath. It works. Though sometimes I find myself doing it several times an hour…” Sarah Stacey Joint Editor of the Beauty Bible