• You Are Beautiful

    You are beautiful, not because you are better than others, but because there is only you who can smile like that. May you fall in love with your unique self. Haemin Sunim The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down  

  • Zoe Asks – Bella Blissett

    I asked “What top tip would you give to women, wanting to become the best version of themselves?” Rules are made to be broken! Don’t be defined by beauty cliché – instead, write your own rulebook. You’re never too old nor too pale – and you’re not confined by your face shape, eye colour or skin tone. So play with new makeup shades, try a different scent and never be the woman who gets stuck in a rut for fear of making a ‘mistake’. Be a maverick – and start creating your own limitless definition of beauty. And remember, your lipstick never need be perfect, your hair will look better…

  • Kintsugi

    In Japan, broken objects are often repaired with gold. The cracks are seen as a unique part of the objects history, which only adds to it’s beauty and strength. A beautiful metaphor for when we are feeling broken.