• Zoe Asks – Megan Hess

    I asked “What top tip would you give to women, wanting to become the best version of themselves?” “I think as women we have to find our true passion in life and discover what truly makes us happy. It sounds obvious but living a life that genuinely brings us joy is the bravest thing we can do.”   Megan Hess Fashion Illustrator

  • Love, Lulu and Lipstick!

    A few years ago I met fashion designer Lulu Guinness… who I love, and I mean really love! We got chatting (which sounds wonderfully casual). In reality I was having a champagne fuelled, full on – fangirl moment (the bubbles were free!). We talked about work, and I told her all about Mascara for the Mind, and how I was helping women improve the relationship they had with themselves, in a fun and solution focused way (I’m all about one off coaching sessions) . I was writing a book at the time, and the strap-line was ‘Sometimes all you need is a sweep of mascara and you’re ready to face…